Direct Hire

It is that time again to bring another long-term hire to your team. You have probably considered your options and contracts may be too risky and temp work won’t fill the need. Direct hire is going to be the best solution for your long term business needs. Make sure you pick the right candidate by partnering with Graham Personnel Services.

We work with you to create attractive job descriptions, spreading the word and putting the best candidates available in front of you. We also enlist the help of our talented recruiters and our unique direct hire recruiting tactics. Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage in the market. And we do this by taping into an elite pool of passive candidates.

These candidates are comprised of top producers in every industry. However, they are not readily available on the job market. So how do we know about them? 50 years in the staffing and direct hire industry has taught us a few things. The most important has been forging strong relationships built on trust and results. Those relationships have in turn given us access to the best of what the market has to offer. From top talent to lucrative direct hire opportunities, we hold the keys to staffing success.

Come see what sets Graham Personnel Services apart from other direct hire employment agencies. Contact us today to find your next top employee.