Labor Market Resources

Graham Personnel Services prides itself on its long-standing reputation built on our 54+ years in the staffing industry. Throughout these years, we’ve been diligent to gather numerous helpful data points so we can create insightful and educational reports.

GPS Labor Market Reports Available

Labor Market Pulse: Released quarterly, the Labor Market Pulse focuses on data and insights on the previous quarter. In each report, we present current employment data, the latest workforce statistics and pay rate trends, job openings, and our recommendations for employers. This report also includes highlights from our Pay Rate Analyses and Triad Workforce Survey.

Triad Pay Rate Analysis: Released biannually, the Triad Pay Rate Analysis is conducted for our Light Industrial Division, as well as our Professional Division. In each study, we analyze and provide insights into the pay rates of current active candidates in the Triad.

Triad Workforce Survey: Released biannually, the Triad Workforce Survey is sent out to all our candidates in the Triad. We ask them specific questions to find out what is most important to candidates when looking for a job, shift preferences, desired pay differentials, job search tactics, and more.

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