Job Hunters Are Increasingly Searching for Gigs That Pay $20 (or More) an Hour

The Great Resignation may be waning, but workers are still looking for a raise.

Since April of last year, people have searched for jobs that pay $20 per hour more than they’ve searched for jobs that pay $15 per hour, according to a new analysis from Indeed’s Hiring Lab. That’s a change from 2019 and 2020, when job searches on Indeed’s platform that mentioned “$15” outnumbered those that mentioned “$20.”

Over the last year, searches for jobs with $20-per-hour wages have spiked more than 35%, while searches for $15 wages have fallen more than 57%, Indeed’s data shows. The portion of searches run in hopes of finding $25-per-hour pay has also risen.

In her analysis, Indeed Economist AnnElizabeth Konkel attributed the change to two factors: wage gains for hourly workers, which clocked in at 5.9% last month, and rising prices for everyday essentials like groceries and gas.“Once job seekers know it’s possible to attain a higher wage, their expectations may shift and act as a pull factor in searching for a higher dollar amount,” Konkel wrote. At the same time, she added, inflation has made just about everything more expensive, pushing workers to seek higher pay.