Graham Personnel Services Hires Teacher for Children of Employees

GREENSBORO NC- After months of searching for a childcare solution for employees, Graham Personnel Services (GPS), an award-winning national full-service staffing firm, has hired a full-time teacher at their office to help teach children of employees. Recently, Graham also decided to open up the classroom to relatives of employees, instead of just their children.

Companies across the world have struggled with what to do to help parents that have to go to work and have children whose schools are operating virtually. Since many staff jobs simply cannot be done from home, Graham employees were seeing an incredible amount of uncertainty, fear, and pain with schools closing. Many of the Graham recruiters did not know what to do. One of GPS’s core values is to do the right thing, so Gary and Will Graham did not hesitate in setting up an option for childcare and online learning by hiring a teacher.

Graham spent a great deal of time setting up safety protocols internally and speaking with their legal counsel to ensure that they were on the right track. Gregg Danzer, GPS’s HR Director, became focused on creating a one-room schoolhouse in the office with sufficiently distanced computers, Wi-Fi, and a teacher to help as many as 16 children. To keep up with safety protocols, Graham is wearing masks, cleaning and disinfecting the classroom daily, and practicing social distancing.

GPS hired Emily Taylor, a teacher with elementary school experience, to start on August 12, 2020, a week before school was scheduled to start in Guilford County, NC. She is in the Graham office 8 hours each weekday to help teach kids from 5 to 11 years old. Mrs. Taylor and Graham work together to supplement the online curriculum for the children. Graham anticipates needing to keep the school to provide assistance through the end of the year and is set up to do so.

One of the key pieces of the school is to provide peace of mind for Graham recruiters who need assistance with online learning and/or childcare during these turbulent times. Since Mrs. Taylor has started, GPS employees have had productive weeks of work and their kids have enjoyed getting educated in a real school setting.

“Our team members are the most important part of our company and their families are part of our team at GPS. Providing an option for teaching/childcare in this unprecedented environment of COVID-19 has been a fantastic choice for Graham Personnel Services. It was a very easy decision for me and my business partner to make, we did not hesitate to come up with a solution because our team members and our team members’ children needed a solution. We have their backs!” said President, Gary Graham.


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