Shifting the Perspective of Job Searching

Numerous anxiety-provoking economic worries are arising every day if you pay close enough attention to the news or social media. We want to provide clarity and stability for those that think job searching is overwhelming in this day in time. Our job is to bring you in and take the heavy load off. Shifting the perspective of the unknown is the best practice for overcoming new things and stepping into your full potential. Leadership coach, Elizabeth Allyn says, “Nervousness and excitement are not so different on a physiological level. Your heart races, you get that butterfly feeling in your stomach, and your palms get sweaty. So, when you start to get anxious, or nervous, you can just tell yourself “You’re not nervous, you’re excited!” Then you start feeling excited instead. When you shift your mind from a threat mindset to an opportunity mindset, you change your life.” Read the full original article here to learn more.

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