21 Phone Interview Tips That Can Help You Secure a Second Interview

Do you have a phone interview coming up? Check out Career Contessa’s top tips to ace your phone interview, including common phone interview questions. Read the full article here.

Before the Interview:

1. Understand Who’s Calling

2. Write Back About Scheduling ASAP—And Spellcheck!

3. Print Out the Job Description

4. Research the Company on LinkedIn and via the Company Site

5. Prepare Your Salary Requirements

6. Plan on Being Somewhere Quiet

7. Prepare Some Questions to Ask

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate if You Need to Reschedule

9. Practice a Mock Phone Interview

During the Interview:

10. When You Answer, Answer Professionally

11. Use Headphones

12. Pull Up Your Resume and LinkedIn, Plus the Job Description on Your Laptop

13. Have Your Checklist Handy

14. Slow Down

15. Let Them Interrupt You

16. It’s OK if You Need a Little Time to Answer—But Don’t Take Forever

17. Have a Notebook Nearby

Before the End of the Phone Interview:

18. Ask About the Interview Timeline

19. Ask if They Have More Questions for You

After the Phone Interview:

20. Take Time to Reflect

21. Write a Follow-up Thank You Email

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