GPS Celebrates National Staffing Employee Week 2023

Graham Personnel Services (09/11/23)

GPS is celebrating National Staffing Employee Week! National Staffing Employee Week is the annual celebration that honors the invaluable contributions of temporary and contract employees in the staffing industry across the nation and takes place from Sept. 11 through Sept. 17. Each day this week, GPS is giving shout-outs to our hand-selected Staffing Stars on our social media! We have so many amazing team members, it was a challenge just choosing a few to feature, but these were the employees who really stood out to us. We want to express our tremendous gratitude to all our team members who show up to work for us every day. We’re proud to employ many talented temporary and contract employees who actively contribute to the growth of our local & national economy.

  1. Tanisha Wilson – Sewer
    • Tanisha is very helpful to her coworkers and well respected by them and does anything the supervisor asks. Tanisha comes to work with a good attitude every day and is a very reliable hardworking individual. We appreciate everything you do, Tanisha!
  2. Gavi Valerio Gomez – PIT Operator
    • Gavi is a driven employee with a hardworking and upbeat attitude who leads by example. He is often taking on new challenges and is eager to learn new skills. Thank you for everything you do, Gavi!
  3. Brittany Fairley – Material Handler
    • Brittany has been with us since January of this year and is an outstanding person. Her work is always top quality, and she is always there to help when needed. We are much better off for having her as a team member! Thanks so much, Brittany!
  4. Tatiana Pineda – Shipping/Receiving Coordinator
    • Tatiana has learned so much in a short period of time. She is always on time and ready to work, and she was promoted in just 2 weeks! Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Tatiana!
  5. Lorena Mendez – Machine Operator
    • Lorena is a great team player and always willing to help others. Lorena shows up to work with a positive attitude. She is well known for her dependability and readiness to work hard.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Melody Yaden – She always shows up to work on time and puts in excellent work. She has been in her position for over a year now and loves her job. Melody always shows up to work with a smile on her face ready to accomplish anything the day might throw her way.
  • Amanda Howard – Amanda has outshined in her position. She has received multiple compliments from her supervisors and team. She went in strong and has given her best at everything, including providing new ideas on projects they have managed. She has truly become a great asset.
  • Christopher Martinez – Christopher reached out for a position and was set on a waitlist for a spot to open. In the meantime, we had a short-term position that he took without hesitation. A few days later, we had another temp position at which he jumped right on. Just as that one ended, he started the position he was waiting for and has been there consecutively without being late or absent. He has the best personality and work ethic.
  • Jonathan Rosario – He has been working in his position for 10 months and has never missed a day. He continues to show up every day thankful for the job and providing outstanding work.
  • Leslie Landero – She has been on the team for 6 months and has excelled in her position. She is always on time and goes in on her off days if she is asked. Definitely a great candidate matched with a great company!

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