U.S. Wage Growth Increased Substantially in Q4

ADP News Release (01/26/22)

Fourth quarter U.S. wage growth increased 4.4%, according to the ADP Research Institute Workforce Vitality Report. Wage growth for both job holders and job switchers hit all-time highs of 5.9% and 8.0% respectively. Wage growth for Generation Z (24 years old and younger) job holders saw the largest wage gains in December 2021 at 13.1%.

Employment growth year-to-year increased 5.0%, with all sectors experiencing employment growth. While leisure and hospitality led the way with a 17.7% increase, overall employment levels for the sector remain below their high-water mark prior to the pandemic. Leisure and hospitality wage growth was essentially flat. Wage growth for job holders and job switchers was the strongest in industries including professional business services (12.2%) and information technology (12.2%).

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