Where Remote Work Stands Now

MarketWatch (04/11/23) Helhoski, Anna

The share of private establishments that did not offer partial or full remote work rose to 72.5% from August to September 2022 from 60.1% from July to September 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2022 Business Response Survey. This indicates that employers are shifting away from remote work as the pandemic winds down. Over the same period, the share of private establishments with some remote employees dropped to 16.4% from 29.8%.

However, the number of remote workers remains higher than before the pandemic, with the share of private establishments reporting that employees telework some or all of the time rising to 27.5% from August to September 2022 from 23.3% in February 2020. Additionally, the share of companies that offered full-time remote work climbed to 11.1% from August to September 2022 from 10.3% from July to September 2021. The highest percentage of remote workers was in information (67.4%); the professional and business sectors (49%); educational services (46%); and wholesale trade (39%).

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